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I am Mads Johan Øgaard a Norwegian freelance illustrator & animator. Currently based in Norway*

My passion is to create art that makes others think, especially within the awareness of learning differences and mental health, I myself is an individual with dyslexia and dyscalculia. I use my experiences to support and make awareness of​ these subjects. Ether through art, presentations, workshop or one to one sessions with clients.

I aim with my work to portray how individuals are feeling to easier explain their situation to others as well as oneself. Though I am more than happy to illustrate other subjects too, If you are interested in working with me check out my Portfolio / Films & contact me below.


  • I have a bachelor in BA (Hons); Animation and VFX at Falmouth University. Where I directed the animated the award-winning short film named I AM DYSLEXIC

  • I also have a Master in MA: Special Educational needs, that I did at Exeter University.  

  • Amon many clients I often work with Dyslexia Norway & ADHD Noway, creating art and promotional materials for them to use. 

Commission Prices: 


I am usually around 1000Kr / 100 Euro - 1500 or / 150 Euro per illustration.

My prices usually depend on what you want to be illustrated, and the number of illustrations wanted. The best is to discuss over email, I am happy to discuss the price. Contact me bellow.

Check out my Portfolio here 




Creating an animation is long and expensive progress. It has so many factors that play a role in the making of it that I don't usually sett a price before I have seen the work it would take to do it. But I am happy to hear you out and discuss. Contact me bellow.  

Check out my films here

I AM DYSLEXIC - Directed by Mads Johan Øgaard and Katie Noel Wyman. at Falmouth University 2015-16


Want to work with me? 
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