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I AM DYSLEXIC is a multi-award winning 2D/CG hybrid animated short film, directed by Mads Johan Øgaard and

Katie Noel Wyman.


The film expresses what it feels like to have a learning difference in our current school system. Those with learning differences should be proud of who they are and should never be made to feel alone. The film uses strong metaphors to portray these emotions, as we follow a little boy called Johan who climbs a mountain in a world made of books.

Directed by

Mads Johan Øgaard and Katie Noel Wyman

 Falmouth University 2015-16



Directed and Produced by Mads Johan Øgaard for ADHD Norge, a project supported by the ExtraStiftelsen.



The many everyday feelings of an individual with ADHD


is a short film about ADHD that shows the core symptoms of ADHD, main challenges in everyday life, how it can be displayed outward and how it pertains to the individual.


The film aims to be used for educational purposes to make conversations. 

Directed & Produced:
Mads Johan Øgaard

Project leader:
Nina Holmen

Muisc & Sound:
Mari Hajem

Lead Animator:
Alice Seatherton

Animation & 2D design:
Judy FagernesKjartan Horne,
Robin Neylan-Francis, Sam Stainer,
Camilla Nara Thorsen

Thanks for user participation

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