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About Mads Johan

I am Mads Johan Øgaard a Norwegian illustrator, animator, public speaker & special education teacher. 

My passion is to create art that makes others think, especially within the awareness of learning differences and mental health, I myself is an individual with dyslexia and dyscalculia. I use my experiences to support and make awareness of​ these subjects. Ether through art, videos, public speaking, workshops or sessions with clients.

I aim with my work to portray how individuals are feeling to easier explain their situation to others as well as oneself. 


  • I have a bachelor in BA (Hons); Animation and VFX at Falmouth University. Where I directed the animated multi-award-winning short film named I AM DYSLEXIC

  • I also have a Master in MA: Special Educational needs, that I did at Exeter University.  

Over the years I have worked with companies such as but not limited to; Lingit, Statped, Dysleksi Norge & ADHD Norge.  

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Public speaking


I travel to schools, workplaces and events to hold speak for awareness and support for learning differences and mental health.


I share my experience with learning differences in order to inform and educate people on their diagnosis, why it is important to stand up for oneself, how to find good learning strategies & support tools. 

I use my own art in my presentations to further portray and show the experience of having dyslexia and dyscalculia. ​


I can do the presentation in Norwegian or in English


Example of topics about but not limited to:

  • My story - How it feels to have a learning difference ( Most popular, Includes everything) 

  • Dyslexia 

  • Dyscalculia

  • Mental Health 

  • Learning techniques & Support tools/programs

  • Art / Animation Workshop / Art therapy Workshop

  • Mastery, Learning & Motivation 

  • For teachers - A student perspective 

  • For Parents - Your child's perspective 

  • In the workspace 

I am very flexible and can easily cater to your wishes.

Don't be afraid to communicate and ask if there are any questions. 


Currently, I charge:

  • Speaking in person/ Workshops  - 10 000 kr + travel expenses. 

  • Speaking online/ Workshops - 8000 kr. 

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