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Open for commissions and new projects, More info here.  

Commission Prices: 


My prices usually depend on what you want to be illustrated, and the number of illustrations wanted. The best is to discuss over email, I am happy to discuss price. Contact me here.

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Creating an animation is long and expensive progress.

It has so many factors that play a role in the making of it that I don't usually set a price before I have seen the work it would take to do it. But I am happy to hear you out and discuss. Contact me here.  

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I travel to schools and events to hold presentations for awareness and support for learning differences. Mostly sharing my experience with learning differences to inform and educate teachers, students, employees, etc. All from first-grade at primary school to employees at workplaces, I talk to them all!

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Need some support? I am a mentor for individuals with learning differences such as dyslexia, dyscalculia & ADHD, together with a large group of mentors who have experienced and overcome their learning differences. 

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Interested in a Session? I am currently based in Norway, 

Follow this link to book a session and for more information.