Physical Learning - Canvas

Physical Learning - Canvas

Do you know how you learn? I meet a girl once that told me that she Learned by dance movements, so while she was in the class she was dancing, and if she did the same movements in tests she remembered the answers! 
For some reason not being still has a lot of stigma around it, it’s crazy! Our current system does not acknowledge that we actually have an active moving body that has so much potential for learning!

I had a very clear vision for this image and it is what you see right here ;)

It is a part of the drawing - The Seven Learning Styles

We live in a world full of words, this creates difficulties for those who do not learn verbally, our society must understand that there are many ways to learn, we need all the ways to learn/think so that we can better create the future of humanity. Its all connected, we all learn in different ways often in combination of multiple ones. We need to teach the students how to learn their way!

Looking to add a little flair to your room or office? Look no further - this canvas print has a vivid, fade-resistant print that you're bound to fall in love with.

• Fade-resistant
• 20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
• Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
• Matte finish coating

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