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Advanced Aboriginal HealingModality Using the Laws of LORE

What is Holographic Kinetics?


Holographic Kinetics (HK) is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the laws of LORE and the understanding that all things in nature are alive. Holographic Kinetics is not hypnosis or psychotherapy. It looks at the body as a whole, accessing cellular memory passed down from generations (including trauma) and the cause and effect of events. Thoughts and emotions set up in the past and present affect the cycles of the future. These events, thoughts and emotions are trapped in the body today, affecting our lives and causing us to continue repeating the cycles of life patterns within their own dimension of time, which we can become stuck in.


Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics is an understanding of two worlds, an internal to external and an external to the internal world.​ Dreamtime Healing is part of what the Australian Aboriginal "Lore Men" knew from the past and could apply; Holographic Kinetics is the science behind their knowledge.​​​


Steve Richards, the founder of Holographic Kinetic therapy technique is of Aboriginal descendant. He was awarded the 2005 Life Award, Certificate of Commendation by Suicide Prevention Australia. Steve was nominated for the Human Rights Medal Award in 2005 and 2006. He was also nominated for Australian of the Year in 2007 as an acknowledgement of the results for the outstanding achievements using the Holographic Kinetics Therapy Technique.

How does it work?


Our success is achieved by clearing trauma locked in events, thoughts and emotions. Until trauma is cleared from adverse events in our lives, we are continually affected today and in the future. Many therapies, while important, reach a point where they cannot continue, thus failing to get a successful result. Holographic Kinetic Therapy Technique then goes beyond the endpoint of other therapies and achieves a successful outcome.


Resisting a situation, or not allowing yourself to fully accept it, captures free-­‐flowing universal energy, which will spiral inwards, becoming trapped and transformed into potential energy. This potential energy then crystallizes and aligns itself with platonic geometry to build the first form of matter, which can eventually become a sickness.


The crystal will lock into the stressor weak point of the body in the moment of trauma. Trapped energy is why some people can become emotionally explosive, as the energy swings from potential energy to explosive energy. Trapped energy can also eventually manifest as confusion, dysfunction, anti-­‐social behaviour and all manner of other ills or disorders. By accessing the dimension where the energy was first trapped we are able to release it and therefore let go of the issue. This will stop negative patterns from repeating as the cycle has been completed.

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Interested in a session?

Use the "contact" list below. Mads currently lives in Norway, Oslo area. The sessions are only available in-person. 


If you are out of Norway and wonder if there are any practitioners near you can find more info here:

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What to expect?


A Holographic Kinetics healing session takes approximately 1 hour where you will lie comfortably on a massage table, in a normal waking state. Through kinetics, your spirit will indicate how, where, when and why you created the cause of any created effect, no matter how far back on your timeline this may have been created or no matter how far back on the genetic hereditary line it may have been created.


In each session, we are looking for the cause of about 3 effects and it is advisable to bring to your appointment a list of issues you may want to work on that are affecting you.


However, don’t go looking for your issues; remember where the focus goes the energy flows, as there may be suppressed memories or things that come to your awareness to be acknowledged, learned from, healed and let go of.


After the session, it is advisable to take it easy, as your body could go through a defragging process over a 48-hour period.

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