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7 short films about Demenntia

My job: Animator

7 short films around 30 seconds each portraying a character in different situations that may be challenging for an individual dealing with dementia.
The film was made with Sanden media for Nasjonal Foreningen for Demens

To my knowledge, the films were created to be used within the company itself for explanation and awareness for their members.


Barnehage Guide - Med ADHD Norge og Statped

Illustration for Barneværnet guide ( Child welfare Guide)
- Using several pictures that were previously made for Barnehage guide ( Kindergarten guide)





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Dysleksi Norge

Project leader for USENSURERT med Dysleksi Norge


My role: Project leader This is an annual project I do together with Dyslexia Norway. The project aims is for the participants to share their stories and experiences related to learning differences through any form of art, we provide the participants with the opportunity to distribute their art in an art gallery. Doing this we want to give the participants a feeling of achievement, and raise awareness to learning differences. It has had huge success both from the participants and the feedback from the visitors.


I participated myself and created a whole bunch of artwork that was displayed at the exhibition, images can be seen here: Link

- Thyra Bækken ( participant from the year before) was hired as a project assistant
- The gallery was held in September 2018 held at Interkulturelt Museum in Oslo funded by Extrastiftelsen
- An art collection book was made containing all of 2018's artwork ( excluding the video and music)
and can be brought here:



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Some of many illustrations:


gryta sanseri.jpg

I was fortunate to be commissioned to design Yoga mats, it was fun as this was different from the other projects I did at the time. We tried out several ideas that both I and Gry had in mind, though the idea was to create a mat that looked like Marble as it was very popular at the time, so that is what we ended up with. I created a few different versions and color for it, ending up with Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple.


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